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Roebuck Centre

The Roebuck Centre offers a variety of workshops both developmental and leisure based.

A majority of individuals with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome require some level of support throughout their lives. Without specialist support, further education and employment opportunities are likely to be out of reach for most of the individuals we work with.

Therefore the emphasis is to identify, develop and equip individuals, with the skills required to lead as independent a life as possible. These include social and transferable skills, community skills, self-help, leisure and work skills. This cannot be achieved in isolation so we have, and continue, to develop close links with local colleges and community projects.


Current activities include:

• Drama group

• Music

• Jewellery making (Metallic Engineers)

• Crafts (Special Operations)

• Baking and cooking skills (Berks Emporium)

• Ceramics (Glazed Over)

• Asperger Groups

• Social evenings

• Graphics & Animation (Unique Perspectives)


bE – Berks Emporium

Started in 2013 making jams and chutneys. Now produces cakes and preserves for seven local businesses.


SO – Special Operations

A range of products designed, cut, measured and sewn in house. Utilising high quality fabrics and trimmings to create unique items.


GO – Glazed Over

A range of handmade ceramics and pottery utilising different techniques, sold in a variety of retail outlets in Hastings and Rye.


Me – Metallic engineers

Jewellery. Creating rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms from silver and other metals and set with semi-precious gemstones.


UP – Unique Perspectives

Graphics & Animation. Producing artworks, photography, animation and website design from our well-equipped computer graphics suite.




We have support advisors ready to address your individual needs. Just call 01424 722516  or email

Roebuck Street, Hastings, TN34 3BB

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‘It’s turned Alex’s life around, he feels that he is valued, listened to, given time to process and express any concerns.’ ‘It has given Alex the confidence he needed and enabled him to reach higher levels of communication.’ – Mrs Moore


‘I like everything I do at Roebuck, I like all the staff they are happy and friendly.’ – Kirsty 


‘I can have fun and I laugh a lot when I am at Roebuck.’ ‘Staff always give us encouragement, even when we are not confident in what we are trying to achieve.’ – ‘Staff have confidence in us!!’ – Kathryn


 ‘I have made some good friend at the Roebuck Social Evening & Aspergers Group, Staff understand the complexity of higher functioning Autism.’ ‘I am treated as an individual, we are not all treated in the same way because of our conditions and disabilities.’ – Emily