About leaving a gift in your will to Aspens

Leave a gift to Aspens in your will and help to improve the lives of people with disabilities, both now and in the future.

Providing for your family and friends is the most important thing to consider when writing a will. However, once they have been considered you may wish to leave a gift to support our work.

There are a number of ways you can remember Aspens in your will:

  • A residuary legacy or percentage of your estate is the most helpful gift. It is the remainder of your estate after gifts, taxes and expenses, and has the added benefit of keeping pace with inflation.
  • A gift of a fixed sum of money is referred to as a pecuniary legacy. This can be any size you wish.
  • You may choose to leave a particular named item known as a specific legacy, for example, a piece of jewellery.

You don’t have to be rich to leave a gift to us in your will. Every gift, no matter what size, is welcome and will help to make an amazing difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities for years to come.

Aspens Gift in Will form

Important information

The following information will need to be included in your will when leaving a gift to Aspens:

  • Registered charity name: Aspens Charities
  • Registered charity number: 1171446
  • Registered Address: Cornford Lane, Pembury, Kent TN2 4QU

If you’d like talk to about how you can support Aspens in this way or to find out more about our work please email us at [email protected]