Aspens Fest 2020 Programme of Events

Saturday 18 July:   

Opening Ceremony | 10am | (15 mins) | Suitable for : Everybody | Presented by : Aspens Charities

A welcome to our first virtual festival!

Create your own Transition Video | 10.20am (30mins) | Suitable for: 7+ | Presented by : YouCrew

For Aspens Fest 2020 we have created a bespoke video challenge based around the idea of transition... YouCrew style! Follow our how-to video to create and edit your own clever transition video using your mobile phone or tablet.

Live Music from Olly Hite | 10.55am | (10 mins) | Suitable for : Everyone | Presented by: Olly Hite

Listen to piano, singer song writer Olly who has captivated audiences throughout the UK live from his home in The Drawing Room.

Design a T-shirt Competition | 11.05am (5 mins) Suitable for : 7+ Presented by Aspens

Join Olivia, one of Specialist Intervention Advisors, as she talks you through our official #AspensFest2020 T-shirt competition. #AspensFest2020 T-Shirt Competition*

Family Fun HIIT Workout | 11.20am (20 mins) Suitable for: Everyone | Presented by : Stronger Together Fitness

Join Michelle for a fun family home workout suitable for all levels of fitness. *Disclaimer

Guided Visualisation | 11.50am (25 mins) Suitable for : 7+  | Presented by : Hand Holding Human

Hannah is offering a beautiful 25 minute guided visualisation using one of her favourite hypnotherapy techniques. Drift away listening to the soft tones of Hannah's voice and find yourself in a special place, ideal for deep relaxation. This session has been created to soothe the nervous system and top up your energy; you'll begin the rest of your day feeling calm, peaceful and grounded.  For the session, please ensure you're somewhere comfortable, perhaps on your bed or on the sofa and ensure your head and neck is supported. 

Back to School for Parents | 12.30pm | (35 mins) |Suitable for : Parents /Carers | Presented by: Aspens

Hopefully come September 2020 the home schooling comes to an end!  Join Chris, behaviour specialist at Aspens, as he talks you through strategies to help support your child back into school after Covid-19.  This is an interactive session; please be prepared to contribute. *Please note there is a handout accompanying this workshop which you will receive via email

My Transition Experience | 13.05pm | (10 mins) Suitable for: 10+ | Presented by : Anna

Join Anna as she talks about her own experiences around transition. *Please note My Transition Experience session will continue straight on from the Back to school for Parents workshop.

BGT finalist Robert White Comedy Set | 13.30pm | (25 mins) |Suitable for : Everyone | Presented by: Robert White

I am excited about being involved in Aspens Fest 2020 because as a person with Asperger’s I see it is vital that all learning and mental health difficulties are supported so that people are able to get the most out of life. It is particularly important with the crisis that’s going on right now that we do not forget those who may find it hardest to incorporate into society. Hopefully me doing my thing will bring some fun and smiles to people, as well as showing others that they can do their thing as well, because that’s what it’s all about – being given the chance to be you and make that contribution to the world. “ Robert White 

Time to Make that Decision |  14.10pm |  (30 mins) Suitable for: Parents/Carers | Presented by: David Burns

David will be sharing some thoughts about children moving from primary to secondary school from his own experience & perspective & why it’s important for schools to make the transition rather than the child. David will highlight some useful resources and key ideas to help you maintain perspective and focus while at the same time ensuring the rights of your child are upheld.

Self Massage | 14.45pm | ( 30 mins) |Suitable for : Parents/Carers | Presented by: Mandala Massage

A simple and effective taster session of self massage, acupressure points and stretches for neck and shoulder pain, specifically designed for the needs of parent carers. Super passionate Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist Nicky Clarke is delighted to take you through a 20–25 minute routine you can easily integrate into daily life to relieve stiff, tight and sore muscles, stress and tension headaches. *Special offer *Disclaimer

Sunday 19 July:   

Zumba | 10.15am | (20 mins) | Suitable for: Everyone | Presented by Zumba with Garrett

Shimmy your way into the festival with the perfect combo of fun and fitness that Zumba brings! *Disclaimer.

Understanding our Emotions | 10.25am | (25 mins) | Suitable for: 7+ | Presented by Happy Minds

Come and join Suz & Sam to understand what our emotions are, how they can feel in our bodies and minds and, most importantly, learn Tapping and Breathing techniques to help you control them instead of them controlling you. Q & A session available/ *Understanding our Emotions Worksheets: Happy Kids Emotions: 'Scaling'; Happy Minds EFT Tapping Instructions

Back to School : Children & Young People’s Workshop | 11.15am | (35 mins) | Suitable for: Children transitioning back to school

Join Amelia & Chris for some fun strategies and activities to help you feel good about starting your school*. Together we can plan what will you need, what you need to know and help with any worries. But, let’s not forget to think about some of the good stuff too! Bring a pen and paper and your ideas! *This workshop is tailored to year 6 pupils, however, it will be extremely useful for all children returning to school.  Transition to secondary school pack /Transition to primary school pack 

Transition Video Game  | 12.00pm  |  (20 mins )| Suitable for:  9+ | Presented by Fred Iles

Fred is working with a team who are developing a fun game that will help young people like you who are transitioning to secondary school. Fred will present a prototype of the game at the festival and he wants your ideas and feedback. Help us make a great video game.

Live Music from Andy Hollins | 12.30pm | (10 mins) | Suitable for: Everyone | Presented by Andy Hollins

Andy Hollins will be performing a few acoustic numbers for the festival.  His covers have included classics from the 60’s to the present day.  If you like The Beatles, The Jam, Oasis and Stereophonics then you are in for a treat.

Live Music with The Blunter Brothers | 12.40pm | (10 mins) | Suitable for: Everyone | Presented by The Blunter Brothers

The Blunter Brothers have put together a fantastic show for our families. Can you spot the Stormtrooper? 

Sensory Live | 12.50pm | (30 mins) | Suitable for : 4-16 years   Presented by Aspens

Join Lucy and Olivia from the Specialist Support Service for a fun, practical sensory workshop! Lucy and Olivia will demonstrate how to make calming sensory bottles, fluffy cloud dough and squishy balloon stress balls. Make sure you have a table or flat surface in front of you, something to wipe your hands with and the ingredients and equipment needed for the three activities. Please note that younger children will need some help and supervision during this workshop./ Resource List 

Get Movin ‘n' Groovin | 1.30pm |  (30 mins) | Suitable for : 5+ | Presented by Kicks Dance School

Put on your dancing shoes and join in with Kicks Dance! Enjoy a warm up, some fun games to some of your favourite songs and learn a short dance routine with one of our Kicks teachers. It's all about getting moving and having fun so make sure you've got enough space around you, it's time to sparkle with Kicks! *Disclaimer

Magical Madness | 14.10pm (10mins) | Suitable for: 5+ | Presented by: Adam Heppenstall

Come and join Adam as he shows you some simply stunning magic – he might even let you into a few magic tricks!

Closing Ceremony | 14.30pm | Suitable for: Everybody | Presented by Aspens

Time to reflect on and share our weekend's activities as we see the festival come to a close…..well at least for 2020!

Share your experiences from the weekend on social media - please use #AspensFest2020 so we can see all your pics and videos!

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A huge thank you to all that have supported, contributed and helped organise Aspens Fest 2020 - we couldn't have done  it without you! Read all our Thank Yous here. 

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