It costs INSERT FIGURE a day to run Aspens.

We help over 700 people with a variety of complex needs and disabilities, some of whom need our support night and day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

We spend the money we raise on support that includes:


In some of Aspens’ residential houses, the ratio of staff support is 1:1, which means there is one staff member is dedicated to supporting one person.  In other areas (such as?), the ratio drops to 2:1, and in others there isn’t a need for such intensive staff support (details).

Aspens employs the very best staff, some of whom have many years’ knowledge and experience of the care sector and, of all that we do, staffing is our biggest everyday investment. We wouldn’t dream of compromising the excellent level of care we provide and we simply couldn’t provide it without our hard-working, dedicated workforce.

Supportive technology

Technology makes a better quality of life possible for many of the people Aspens supports. It helps with their development and builds their confidence; in some cases, it even helps them to communicate. DETAILS OF TYPES OF SUPPORTIVE TECHNOLOGY ASPENS PROVIDES