We all remember who was there for us when we were going through a tough time, don’t we?

Aspens has been so moved by the generosity shown by certain people and companies during this most challenging of times that we’ve started a new regular feature, Lockdown Heroes, to celebrate them all.

Today we start with maintenance contractor Moolands, which sorts out our electrical and gas drainage, amongst other things! Last week we called Moolands to help us with a problem at one of our residences, Burton Cottage. Not only did they fix it, but they also refused to take a penny because of the circumstances.

While of course we don’t expect our contractors and suppliers to work for free, we’ve noted that some have increased their rates as a result of lockdown. Moolands is one of those which has kept its hourly rates and call-out charges the same as before the pandemic and we want to thank them for being real #lockdownheroes.

Thank you, #moolands !!

Stay tuned for more Lockdown Heroes…