It was wonderful to welcome guests to The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens as we celebrated the relocation of the garden to its forever home.
We were joined by those who have been integral in the journey of the garden including Camellia Taylor, designer of the Silver-Gilt prize winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden, The Outdoor Room who built the garden at Chelsea and rebuilt it again at our Pembury site, How Green nursery and Plantbase who provided the plants, Cripps who were our corporate supporters, many of the volunteers who helped out before and during the Show and residents at our Pembury site. 
All commented on how fantastic it was to see the beautiful garden, which targets the seven senses, in the heart of Aspens, where it can be enjoyed by our community and provide a therapeutic haven, for years to come. As one guest commented, "It feels like it's always been here, it just looks so right here."
We're looking forward to celebrating once again next spring when we mark the one year anniversary of our Chelsea Flower Show experience, with our official opening event for The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens and we will be sharing news on how the Aspens and wider community can be involved and come and experience this wonderful garden in person.
We are hugely grateful to all who have supported the garden's journey and to Project Giving Back who sponsored Aspens to be a part of this extraordinary adventure. 
If you'd like to be involved with the continuing journey of The Natural Affinity Garden, we are seeking volunteers to help care for it. Please contact: [email protected] to find out more.