The Met Office has issued a red warning of extreme heat on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July. At this time none of our services have been cancelled, although we will continually monitor the situation to ensure everyone's safety. 

Please see below for further details:

Children and Young People's Services: As these are either being held in air-conditioned rooms or online, the groups will continue as normal.  Our Falconwood Children's Residential service is air-conditioned with plenty of access to cool drinks. 

Day Opportunities Centres (Sussex House/ Acorns/ Roebuck): Our centres have air-conditioned and/or well ventilated rooms. We will ensure the people we support keep well hydrated with cool drinks. We plan to continue services as normal on Monday with the possibility that some activities may be modified. Please note if we find the hot conditions are too much we may have to reassess the situation for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

One-to-one and community sessions: We will assess the risk factors for each session, and some may be modified depending on the needs of the individual being supported.  If it is deemed too high a risk to go ahead we will contact families/carers individually. 

Our high street shops and Cafe will remain open as usual (although the Cafe is closing at 3pm today - Friday). 

Advice on supporting vulnerable people during a heatwave can be found here.

General advice from the NHS on coping in hot weather can be found here

If anyone has an urgent concerns please contact us at 01892 822168 or [email protected].

We thank all our staff and volunteers for working hard during this unprecedented heatwave. Hopefully it will be short-lived and we can get back to our usual British weather!