Last week Megan Bruce, Positive Behaviour Support Transition Coordinator at Aspens, was invited to visit 10 Downing Street for an event hosted by Helen Whately, the Minister of State for Social Care, along with other care workers, registered managers, carers, social workers and personal assistants. The event was in celebration of people who make a difference for others every day. 

Here is Megan's account of the day:

"I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to 10 Downing Street last Thursday for an event hosted by Helen Whately, the Minister of State for Social Care. It was a great opportunity to meet other people working in the sector, and to not only learn about what they do, but also pass on information about what we do at Aspens. 

One gentleman I met worked for David Lewis, a charity based in Cheshire working specifically with those who have a learning disability and epilepsy, who was very interested in learning more about the Positive Behaviour Support we offer.

I also met a lady from The Care Workers’ Charity, who focus on raising funds for paid care workers who fall into financial hardship. They raise money which is then allocated each month to those that successfully apply, for anything from a broken washing machine to clearing their rent arrears, which is especially valuable in the current climate.

I also spent some time speaking with Helen, and it was great to have been given the opportunity to represent Aspens, and highlight the positive difference that everyone makes to the people we support."