We're delighted to share our Annual Impact Report 2022/23 with you. The Report highlights how, despite the challenges we continue to face in the health and care sector, our team has provided over 878,000 hours of high-quality care and support to over 900 young people and adults on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities, and their families, across the South-East. 

The Report tells the story of how our dedicated team is providing support that is absolutely vital to so many. Just a few examples, as included in the report, are supporting Reece to move from living full-time in a hospital to enjoy a varied and active life in one of our supported living houses, supporting Sharon’s family to get her teenage son Josh back into education after exclusion and supporting Mark to live in his own home and lead a full and independent life in his community.

We share some of the highlights of the year here and read the full Report at the link below:

Aspens Annual Impact Report 2022/23