Fear around vaccinations and needles can be an issue for many people, including those that we support at Aspens.

Empowerment and inspiring positive change and personal growth through care and compassion is one of our three core values at Aspens, and a key part of our support staff's role is working with the people we care for in a positive way to help them overcome challenges they may have. 

A brilliant example of this in practice was the way that Aspens' Service Manager Trevor Wilcox recently provided help, support and reassurance to Stephanie, who lives at one of our homes in East Sussex, when she went to get her COVID booster jab. 

Stephanie became very nervous when she saw the needle and asked if Trevor could stay with her and put his arm around her whilst she was having the injection to help her feel safe. Trevor did this, as well as reassuring her and telling Stephanie she would get a certificate to celebrate her bravery when they got home. Stephanie managed to successfully have her booster. 

As the photo shows Stephanie was very pleased she managed to have the jab and was delighted to receive her certificate! Well done to Stephanie for being so brave and to Trevor for the excellent support he provided. 

This is just one of the many examples of the wonderful work our team do every day to support the people we care for, whether helping with life skills, empowering them to be more independent in their daily activities or being a hand to hold in a time of need.