Do you find your Christmas looks different to other families'?

Does your child find this time of year overwhelming?

Come and seek out the Elf on the Shelf with Aspens who has lots of tips to help!

This year we are bringing back our Aspens AuSome Elf who has been secretly working away on an advent calendar bursting full of top tips and strategies such as creating safe spaces, how to cope with sensory overload and advice on restricted diets. Every day this advent our Elf will share a new tip to support you and your family through the festive period.  

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for some Au-Some antics and an insight into what life can be like for those with autism and disabilities as we enter the festive season. 

We hope you enjoy seeing what our special guest gets up to and would love it if you could leave a comment or share our posts to help raise awareness and understanding on this subject. Please use the hashtag #AuSomeAdvent when you post. 

We kick things off for the first day of advent with a special poem from our Au-Some Aspens Elf on the Shelf!

The Au-Some Elf on the Shelf 

Hello Aspens family let me introduce myself,

I am your funky friend the au-some shelf Elf!

Christmas fills me with excitement, I’m sure just like you.

However, it can make me worried and a little anxious too.

So I’m going to share with you some examples in the form of a rhyme,

of how I see things during Christmas time.

Maybe you have a few worries that are similar to mine,

but after reading this, I’m sure you’ll feel just fine.

What’s with all the colours and flashes in my eyes?

Those Christmas lights have taken me completely by surprise!

My usual diet is unique, specific and just for me,

but with cupboards full of pasta, I’ll stay happy.

Up close and personal is not always how I like to meet,

but a Christmas on Zoom, now that’s right up my street!

I was looking forward to going out and doing some ice-skating,

but now things have changed and I feel my anger grating.

I’m a good elf all the time and follow all the rules.

Why doesn’t everyone?  They’re behaving just like fools!

With feelings of excitement, worry and occasional rage,

is it any wonder that falling asleep can take an age!

You might like the idea of Santa putting presents by your tree,

but this is a scary prospect for an au-some elf like me.

The time I like best and when I’m full of au-some power,

is when the supermarket has it’s amazing quiet hour.

The festive family board games are just about to begin.

I hope everyone remembers, I get angry if I don’t win!

Christmas wrapping paper is something that everyone enjoys.

I think that it’s ghastly and makes far too much noise.

It’s important that people know my worries aren’t always visible,

but my sunflower lanyard makes sure that I’m not invisible.

I find it hard to hide my feelings and just don’t understand,

when a disappointing present is placed into my hand.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised and would like further advice or support please click here