Lucy Russell and Chris Foster from our Family and Specialist Support team were interviewed on KMTV news yesterday evening (Thursday 24 March 2022) about our Au-Some 10 for 10 Challenge for Autism  Acceptance Week. 

Lucy and Chris, who are Behaviour Specialists, spoke about the challenge's aim to raise funds to expand their team's services and help reach more families desperately in need of support, as well as to celebrate 10 years of the Family Support service and to raise awareness of autism.  They spoke about the brilliant 10 for 10 challenges that our participants have signed up for, including 10 dips in the cold sea, doing 10 good deeds a day and a 10KM coastal walk the Family and Support team, trustees and family members are doing on Monday. 

Find out more about the Au-Some Challenge here and how you can take part, support our participants or donate to the appeal page here

Watch the interview here