Located in the beautiful East Sussex village of Battle, Sussex House day opportunities centre has a dedicated team of qualified and well trained professionals who support the people who attend to engage in a personalised programme of activities within the centre itself and in the local community. 

We encourage the people we support to participate in activities in small groups where interests are shared but we can also provide 1:1 support where required.  Support is provided within a safe, structured environment that ensures that the individuals are encouraged to identify the goals that meet their own needs and help them and support them in gaining further independence.

The main emphasis is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to lead as independent a life as possible.

The people we support are fully involved in planning their timetables which take their interests, abilities and needs into account. We are person-centred and operate on the philosophy that interaction should be structured, predictable and most importantly, low arousal.  This enables the people we support to manage their anxieties, stress and social interactions more successfully.

We offer a variety of centre based and community based activities.  Physical exercise is known to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, self-injury and aggressions and we aim to include some physical exercise in each person’s daily programme.

We are located in a beautiful environment and make use of lovely woods, parks, beaches, historical gardens as well as leisure and community facilities. 

Our activities include:

• Aromatherapy/massage

• Art and craft work

• Badminton

• Baking

• Ball sports

• Books and stories

• Bowling

• Catering

• Communication skills

• Computers and IT

• Cycling and outdoor pursuits

• Gardening and horticulture

• Drama

• Fun and games

• Gym

• Horse riding

• Hydrotherapy pool

• Music and singing

• Candle-making

• Woodwork and furniture upscaling

• Needlework