The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens - Show Brochure

The Natural Affinity Garden, designed by Camellia Taylor, is a communal sensory garden that provides a rich, therapeutic environment for the people we support and visitors who are on the autism spectrum, with learning disabilities or who have complex needs.

The garden is designed to connect to the natural affinity we have towards nature. Every aspect of the design targets specific senses and can be engaged with in multiple ways independently. The curved nature of the design reflects the neurons/plants roots spreading through the garden from the nucleus seating area.

Each planting zone of the design targets specific senses and every aspect of the planting has been included for sensory stimulation.

The garden will be wheelchair accessible and any hard landscaping will be made from locally sourced materials, such as timber, stone and gravel, wherever possible that are sympathetic to our landscape and will provide colour, richness and interest.

Camellia’s idea for the design is rooted in her previous work in Psychology. The design is derived from the scientific and aesthetic similarities between neurons and plant roots, linking nature with human uniqueness, which is core to Aspens’ values.

Watch the time-lapse video of the garden being brought to life at the link below:
Aspens' Natural Affinity Community Project - Help our Community to Engage more with Nature

Help us to enable the people we support and our community to engage more with nature and unlock the positive impact this has on their wellbeing by supporting our Natural Affinity Community Project. Find out more at the link below.

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Relocation of the Garden

An important part of the design being selected as one of the PGB gardens was ensuring the garden will benefit the people it has been created for once it has been relocated and rebuilt after the show.

The Silver-Gilt prize-winning Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens has been relocated to the heart of our residential area (north side of Cornford Lane), where it provides a year-round communal space that can be easily accessed by residents and their visiting families or carers, staff and volunteers and is an invaluable addition to our community.

To ensure the garden remains a haven for the people we support and preserve its care and maintenance, the garden is not open to the general public, although open events and community visits can potentially be arranged.

With Thanks

The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens has been created with incredible people who have been generous with their time and knowledge and are dedicated to their crafts. A special thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Project Giving Back, our corporate supporter, Cripps, and our community, family and friends for their support and for sharing this journey.

Garden built by: The Outdoor Room

Stone supplied by: The Gallagher Group

Plants supplied by: Deepdale Trees, How Green Nursery, Plantbase Nursery

Contributors: Burdess Engineering, Lucy Clayton, Helen Cross, Lydia Noble, Claire Palastanga, Graham Waller

Watch Video of The Natural Affinity Garden Story