The Natural Affinity Community Project

Help our community and those we support to engage more in nature and green spaces, unlocking the positive impact this can have and utilising our unique location with an area of outstanding beauty in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Help us build on the legacy kick-started in 2023 with our RHS Chelsea Garden through the development of ‘Aspens Natural Affinity Community Project’. Once up and running, the project will illustrate the positive power of bringing people together through nature and the importance of inclusivity.

Our vision is to take full advantage of the glorious countryside and natural features such as ponds and woodland to create:

  • An outdoor experience for the people we support and the local community to enjoy through horticulture and animal husbandry opportunities.
  • A space with activities for those attending our Day Opportunities and friends and families of those who live on the site.
  • Educational workshops for visiting schools and the local community through the development of the Forest School.

Whether you are able to donate £20.00 or want to join in a strategic partnership as a major donor we would love to hear from you!

Further information

If you'd like to find out more and see how you can support this project please contact Jo Dennis at [email protected] or 07719087636.