Hear from Ben, Support Worker at Wentworth Close...

Why do our staff enjoy working for Aspens?

I started working in support /care assistance more than a decade ago. In 2018 my journey with Aspens started with a waking night support staff role and fifteen months later I took up the role of senior support staff. In 2020, the dedication and passion for what I do did not go unnoticed by senior managers and I was offered the role of interim service manager. I enjoy the challenge, variety and making a difference in the lives of those we support (Toyin, Service Manager).
Since day one Aspens has been a fantastic company to work for and the satisfaction I get out of supporting the people that use our service is second to none. I couldn’t believe how wonderful all the guys were and how friendly and helpful the staff have been to me. It was a massive change for me going from working alone most days cleaning windows to working as part of a team for a care company providing support for vulnerable adults, but I must say the transition was made very easy for me through the great support of my manager and the experienced staff that was always willing to help me out. (Jamie, Interim Project Manager).
As I joined shortly before lockdown I have discovered what an incredibly supportive place Aspens is to work for. Not only have the team I work within gone above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and like a valuable member of the team but so have the organisation as a whole (Rosie, Specialist Intervention Advisor).
I would recommend working at Aspens because there is the flexibility to develop your particular interests and skills within the job role. We are also a friendly, diverse and inspiring team to be part of (Caehryn, Specialist Intervention Advisor)
I’m passionate about supporting children and young people and have a vast knowledge and experience of supporting Autistic Spectrum Conditions. I hope to give our members a better quality of life through the services we provide at Aspens (Curtis, Children and Young People Coordinator).
There are many best bits about my job which include supporting service users to achieve their potential and seeing them happy. Another, is supporting the service users to do something that they say they can’t do but they can and then seeing their confidence grow. I love to see them improving their quality of life and  becoming more involved in activities which they wouldn’t normally do. (Ella, Community Support Worker)
I would love to stay here and contribute my best to Aspens. Hopefully one day I will get a chance to become a manager in future. I’ve worked at Aspens just over two and half years and I must say I’m lucky I’ve got one of the best managers. They’re very supportive and respective towards everyone especially their staff. (Tieku, Support Worker)

I applied for an Apprenticeship with Aspens as I truly admired the charity’s ethos and wanted to contribute to it. Since starting I have learned so much. This is the first office environment I've been exposed to and I’ve learned a lot about office etiquette and have completed lots of training such as first aid and fire safety. I’m also learning Makaton to aid me in communicating with the people we support. Doing the Apprenticeship will help me hugely in the future as I have gained exceptional experience that I never would’ve got at university. I am now prepared for the world of work! If you’re considering an Apprenticeship with Aspens I’d say ‘Do it!’ You essentially get paid to study and paid to complete a qualification. Doing an Apprenticeship means you receive all the benefits of studying, with none of the debt! Aspens is an amazing charity that truly helps individuals daily, I am proud to be a part of that. This job is so rewarding and I feel like I am genuinely helping people. (Emily, Business Administration Apprentice)