At Aspens, we believe that all of the people we support deserve the chance to live life to its full potential and have the right to live in an environment where they are protected from harm, abuse and neglect.

Our aim is to ensure that all elements of safeguarding are under continual review and therefore allow us to improve and refine related processes and services.

Aspens strive to make safeguarding personal and not allow generic processes or ways of thinking impact the lives of those individuals support.

As much as possible, safeguarding should be led by those we support. Aspens culture is one of person-centered support, and we will treat all of the people we support with dignity and respect and involve them in all and any decisions made. We aim to respond to the needs of the people we support and where we can, highlight areas to develop the understanding of safeguarding for individuals.

Safeguarding culture is continually evolving and at Aspens we strive to stay at the forefront of this through a combination of training, consultation and learning through experience to ensure that we are role models within the care community and those we support receive the best possible care.