We recently received the wonderful news that our eBay store is now an 'eBay Top Rated Seller', which means we've reached over 100 sales and raised over £1000 since our store was launched! 

Lisa Melbourne, Retail and e-commerce Manager, Kai Melbourne and Neave Fry, e-commerce Assistants, are all working hard to drive the store forward and make it a success. They are all currently taking a 12 week eBay Charity Connect course, run by eBay’s business development managers to help them learn how to grow the store and raise funds to support our work empowering people on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities. 

Do take a moment have a browse of our eBay store, there are some fabulous items on offer for amazingly low prices, including clothing items, electronics, home decorations, kitchen appliances and much more. All net proceeds go towards supporting Aspens' work. 

Click the link or scan the QR Code below to be taken directly there.

Aspens eBay store