Leaving a lasting gift to Aspens in your Will could transform the lives of people we support. Every gift, no matter what size, is welcome and will help to improve the lives of people on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities for years to come, helping us achieve our vision for an inclusive society where every individual on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities can thrive as part of their local community.

Free Wills For Good with Bequeathed

We have partnered with Bequeathed Wills For Good to offer you a free Will to protect yourself and your family.

Your online Will is free (if you have complex circumstances you can choose whether to pay for legal advice provided over the telephone or by a local law firm). There is no obligation to include a gift in your Will to any of the charities Bequeathed promote and your online will is free no matter what.

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How to leave your legacy

There are a number of ways you can remember Aspens in your will:

  • A residuary legacy or percentage of your estate is the most helpful gift. It is the remainder of your estate after gifts, taxes and expenses, and has the added benefit of keeping pace with inflation.
  • A gift of a fixed sum of money is referred to as a pecuniary legacy. This can be any size you wish.
  • You may choose to leave a particular named item known as a specific legacy, for example, a piece of jewellery.

Find out more about leaving a Gift in Will to Aspens in our information booklet here:

Aspens Gift in Will Information Booklet and Pledge Form

If you are considering leaving us a gift in your Will we'd be most grateful if you could complete the Pledge form on the Information Booklet and return to us. 

If you choose to find your own solicitor to write your Will, a list of UK solicitor's can be found here.