Aspens has written to local authorities to raise our deep concerns and questions about what help will be provided, in the light of Covid-19, to local organisations which provide essential social care in our communities.

Following advice from central government to minimise group meetings in confined spaces, both we and many other local care organisations like us have had no option but to close services which provide help, support and a social outlet for some of our community’s most vulnerable individuals.

Aspens provides care, support and respite to over 700 children and adults all over the south east of England. In the face of unprecedented financial risk in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak we will have to bear the cost of these initial closures, which will be significant. The impact is not sustainable and, with further changes inevitable as we continue to respond to the threats of Coronavirus, the survival of our organisation is at risk.

While the government has outlined help and support for other industries that will suffer an immediate impact, such as pubs and airlines, it hasn’t made clear what help will be given to the multitude of organisations in the care sector which will suffer an equally devastating blow.

While we and others will continue to work with and alongside local authorities to provide care for those who need it, in these extraordinary times we need urgent clarity about what action will be taken to care for the carers.

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We are really thankful for the support we have been receiving and if you feel able to do so we have set up specific fundraising pages for receiving donations to support our work. For many of the people that use our services, daily and weekly routines, social interaction and care are of critical importance. We are doing everything we can to adapt our work to meet people’s needs in this new and fast changing environment.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Robert Shanahan, CEO, Aspens Charities