We're delighted to be working with the NHS, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum to deliver free online support workshops for parents and carers on sensory processing differences, throughout the county of Lincolnshire. 

The Aspens Family and Specialist Support team was asked to work with NHS Lincolnshire after they attended a sensory session our team delivered for the charity Mind. 

The workshops will provide information, advice and techniques on how to help parents, carers and professionals better understand sensory processing, and will cover strategies and equipment to help support a child who is experiencing such differences.

Sensitivity processing differences can relate to certain sensations such as loud noises, smells, the feel of clothes or another person’s touch.

Common sounds may be painful or overwhelming; the light touch of a shirt may chafe the skin, and these experiences interfere with the child’s ability to engage in daily activities and they may seek to avoid these sensations through certain behaviours.

A person who is affected may also lack awareness of or not be sensitive enough to certain sensations such as food around their mouth, movement, and body position. This can result in them being unable to tell where limbs are in space or not being able to engage in conversation or play. The may actively seek sensations through behaviours such as chewing non-food items, fidgeting or being generally on the go.

There will be four workshops delivered per year, but due to extremely high demand they hope to offer more sessions soon (the remaining 3 workshops for this year and early next year are sold out). 

To find out more about the workshops click here.

Please note these workshops are only available to people living and working in Lincolnshire. 

If you live in West Sussex you can book into our support clinics which are funded by West Sussex County Council for a 30 minute 1-1 slot. Contact our Specialist Support service at [email protected]

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