Pick up a beautiful bouquet and some delicious freshly picked veggies the next time you visit our Pembury site!
Gardening is one of the favourite activities of the people we support at our Pembury site and they have been very busy sowing and growing lots of delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers, that are now ready for harvesting. 
The vegetables and flowers are all grown from seed in our gardening sessions that the people we support take part in. 

The produce currently available includes:
  • Beetroots, 2x50p
  • Onions, 2x50p
  • Carrots, 50p per bundle 
  • Courgettes, 2x50p
  • Kale, 50p per bundle 
  • Chard, 50p per bundle 
  • Globe Artichokes, 50p per bundle
  • Cucumbers, 2x50p 
  • Baby Fennel Bulbs
  • Bouquets of fresh flowers - prices varied according to size of bouquet
 To order please call the gardening team on 0779 924 0044; 8.30am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.