e-wellbeing is a digital service for young people run by YMCA Downslink Group. The website is for young people who live in Sussex but their tips and resources are accessible to everyone. 

The team at e-wellbeing have put together this list of digital resources in collaboration with young people to provide support over the festive period:

  • e-wellbeing’s COVID-19 module - A youth-friendly practical guide on COVID-19, with tips to help young people’s emotional health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Click on this link to access the module on e-wellbeing’s website: https://bit.ly/3oVjTuW 
  • Crisis Support – The festive season is not always a celebratory occasion and can have an impact on mental health. If you, or a young person you are supporting, needs support over the holidays, e-wellbeing has listed some services you may like to refer to. Please follow this link: www.e-wellbeing.co.uk/crisis 
  • Suicide Awareness Guide - We have a new interactive and informative guide for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts. This includes links to a wide range of services across Sussex and can be accessed by young people, and/or parents, carers, or professionals. Click here to access the guide: https://bit.ly/3DZNDv1
  • Getting Ready for Therapy Video – With many services moving to online delivery formats, we consulted with YMCA Dialogue Counsellors and e-wellbeing’s participation group to co-create an animated video guide for young people accessing therapy online for the first time. Click here to watch the video guide: https://bit.ly/33re3sJ

Information on Aspens' Children and Young People's Services here.