Kiefer, 19, has been keeping himself busy during lockdown helping the environment and has raised almost £500 for Aspens at the same time! 

Eco-minded Kiefer, who has been supported by Aspens' Family Specialist Team and attends our teens group, has been collecting 'Terracycle' (an enterprise which turns typically non-recyclable items into new products) for over two years and chose Aspens as the charity he'd like to support through the national scheme. 

We're so grateful to Kiefer for his awesome efforts!

Here he tells us all about raising money for Aspens in this very unique way: 

"I have been collecting Terracycle for just over two years , which means I collect a range of things that people don’t think are recyclable. My mum set us up as a Terracycle drop off point, to give me something to focus on, while I’m going through a difficult time in my life. 

My dad and I have built a wooden box which we keep in our front garden for people to leave their recycling in. We can collect crisp, nut and popcorn packets, biscuit, cracker, cake and chocolate wrappers, baby food pouches and snack packaging, Aqua Optima® Water Filters, personal care and beauty product packaging (including toothpaste tubes) home cleaning wipe packaging and pet food packaging. Once the packaging has been dropped off to us, we then have to sort it into its individual waste types and then send it off to Terracycle to be recycled.

For all the recycling we send to Terracycle we get a donation to our chosen charity, which is Aspens. During lockdown we have raised £174.05 and over the last two years we have raised a total of £432.08." 

If you'd like to support Aspens in this way, find out more here.

For more ideas and information on how you can fundraise for Aspens visit our Fundraising Page