Ahead of Autism Acceptance Week and our Au-Some 10 for 10 Virtual Challenge we hear from the father of a family who is supported by the Aspens' team. The parent recorded this video to encourage people to support the fundraiser later this month, which is raising vital funds to enable the Family Support team to help more families like his. 

The father's story is a great example of how our the team impacts the lives of the people we support and their families, helping them cope in incredibly challenging situations.

As the father explains in the video, three years ago the family was at at a very low point when their daughter, who was struggling with her mental health, was admitted to hospital under the mental health act. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, which, the father explains, began to shed some light on why she was having such a hard time.

With their daughter still in hospital 18 months later, the family were feeling a sense of desperation and didn't know who to turn to. It was at this time they were introduced to Penny Piggott, who heads up the Family and Specialist Support team at Aspens. Penny put in place a bespoke support programme for their daughter and family. 

"They built up a bond with her, helped her to transition back home and really built her confidence back up. The team are all just incredible personalities - they are caring, supportive and friendly, and they've given us parental support." 

Watch the video here:

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