After living in lockdown for the past few months due to coronavirus, many people with learning disabilities have been left feeling isolated. Those in residential care weren't even able to see their families until very recently, and even those who live with their families have been cut off from their friends and their usual support networks.

It's a fact that people with a learning disability can experience high levels of loneliness and social isolation. Sadly, this will have been made even worse by lockdown living. 

To celebrate this year's Learning Disability Week, here at Aspens we want to take this opportunity to reach out and connect people however we can, in particular our extended Aspens family. 

What better time to come together, even if only virtually via Zoom, to connect with other members of the Aspens family?

At 2.30pm tomorrow, Wednesday 17th June, we're hosting a Learning Disability Week Workshop to help people to celebrate support groups and enjoy their friendships. 

Log on to share your friendship stories with one of our learning disability nurse assistants and find out about Aspens befrienders!

Contact Janine Jacquin for the meeting ID and password at [email protected] or 07867 320 016.

We look forward to seeing you there!