Miranda lives at one of our residences in Kent, where she receives support for her autism. 

Miranda is incredibly artistically talented and here we share with you some of the amazing artwork she has done during lockdown (below and above) and she tells us how painting helps her and why she loves it so much:

"Here are a few of my paintings which I have done during lockdown. I feel my painting has become better during this time as I have had more time to do it. I have always liked art since I was a child. I won a few art competitions and did Art GCSE. I went to college to do an Art Foundation course and then did a National Diploma in Art & Design and got good grades. I volunteer at Adult Education classes helping students with learning difficulties and at another group called All Direction in Dartford. My art gives me great pleasure, it keeps me calm and is good for my mental health. I really enjoy the process of doing it as well as the picture it produces."