Next time you're visiting our Bluebell Cafe and playground and site in Cornford Lane, Pembury, pop by to say 'hello' to Maisie, the latest addition to our farming menagerie! 

Maisie is a four year old Ryland ewe and has been introduced as a companion for our current Ryland ewe, Jackie.

She is registered with the Ryland Society and came from a smallholding where she was a therapy sheep for children on the autism spectrum, so she is very friendly!

Maisie and Jackie are getting on extremely well as they are a flock creatures and like to have safety in numbers.

Before coming to us, Maisie was ‘tupped’ (mated) with a ram but during a scan by the vet she is thought not to be with lamb but they could not be certain. So watch this space as she may still produce a lamb! 

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