As we launch our #UnlockingCare campaign to raise urgently needed funds we are releasing a collection of six bespoke bookmarks, as well as special limited edition ‘golden’ ones that have been designed by a group who use the services at Aspens Roebuck Enterprises Centre.

Everyone who pledges to donate to Aspens on a monthly basis, will receive the collection of six bespoke bookmarks. The colourful bookmarks, which feature a quote from each designer, will also be given out to all those buying a book in Aspens’ five Kent and Sussex shops and lucky recipients of the special ‘golden’ bookmark will win a unique gift, handmade by those who use the services at the Roebuck Centre.

We think they look absolutely fantastic and are so impressed with the designs Kirsty H, Chris P, David, Chris G, Adam and Annie from the Graphics and Animations group created. 

The designer of the very cool VW camper bookmark, Chris P, said: "I came to Graphics and Animations to continue pursuing my dream and passion of becoming a cartoon artist and a voice actor. I have learnt photoshop at the group and have really enjoyed creating the bookmark. If you have got an idea and the imagination to create the possibilities are endless!"

Annie, the creator of the brilliant animal bookmark design, said being part of the group has not only helped her learn lots of new skills and design programmes, but that it's also been a great way to meet some "amazing friends".

Kirsty, who designed the very colourful 'cat girl' bookmark, said it's been great to learn Photoshop and Illustrator skills at the group "in a very friendly environment."

The bookmark initiative is part of a drive to raise funds by signing up 1000 new regular givers. Regular giving is enormously beneficial to us as it provides a steady and predictable source of income to ensure we can consistently invest in supporting those who use our services and adapt to their needs, giving us the ability to plan ahead and invest in long-term solutions. 

Pledging £5 a month could help pay for the upkeep of one of our on-site animals our service users gain so much from caring for, £10 a month could pay for online sessions offering urgently needed support to families and individuals and £20 a month could provide calming sensory equipment to help reduce anxiety and stress  for those we care for.

If you are able to support us by becoming a regular giver, click on the link here to sign up.

Keep your eyes peeled for those lucky golden bookmarks!