Calling all parents - please support Parentkind by telling them how you're feeling about lockdown, your child's learning and the plans to re-open schools.

UK charity Parentkind aims to advance education by encouraging cooperation between home and school, education authorities and central government as well as championing the ways parents can have their voices heard.

Parentkind want to hear all about UK parents' recent experiences of their children's schooling. With the government now releasing plans for schools to reopen to all pupils, they feel it is essential for parents to remain part of the national conversation on education, and want to find out:

-What parents' recent experience of supporting your child’s home-learning has been like
-How parents feel the government has handled the crisis
-What concerns remain as schools prepare to welcome back more pupils

Click here if you're a parent or carer of a child with Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND):
Other parents, please complete this version: