This Autism Acceptance Week (26 March - 3 April) we're marking the week and our Family Support team's 10 year anniversary with our Au-Some 10 for 10 Virtual Challenge and Appeal. The event is raising funds to enable the team to provide their much needed services to more families desperately in need of help. 

To take part in the Au-Some event, participants challenge themselves to do 10 of any activity and get sponsored for doing so by their family and friends! We've had some brilliant pledges so far - such as James, who is supported by Aspens, who has pledged to create 10 craft projects and seven year old Alice who has promised to do 10 good deeds. 

Tasha Brabon, Family and Specialist Support Service Manager at Aspens, is also taking on the challenge and will be donning her swimsuit and goggles at her local leisure centre to complete it! She tells us more here:

"I began my journey at Aspens as the first Family Support Engagement Officer of West Sussex and know first-hand how valuable the role is to families of those on the autism spectrum and with complex needs. Families often feel very lost and lonely when they are first spoken to about their diagnosis. It has been a pleasure to be able to signpost and support families to find their own pathway through their journeys and see them embrace all that comes with being on the autism spectrum. Sometimes you just need a cuppa and a chat with someone who can listen and help unpick the unknown - often this is just the beginning of our work with families.

I originally pledged to swim 10 miles in 10 days but since having COVID (and having a lung condition meaning recovery has taken longer than I anticipated) I have had to reduce this to 10k in 10 days. Through my role at Aspens and in my previous job, I have been lucky enough to network with many wonderful agencies. One of these is our local leisure centre in Crawley, the K2 Everyone Active and they have kindly offered me 10 free passes to help me complete my challenge and support our fundraising appeal."

Thank you Tasha for your amazing pledge to our Au-Some 10 for 10 Challenge, everyone at Aspens is behind you and will be cheering you on!

Support Tasha and our other participants or sign up yourself here