Few would question that Covid-19 is an overwhelming and confusing time for us all. However, it's especially difficult for some people with conditions like learning difficulties, complex needs and autism to make sense of the world right now.

That's why, working closely with the people who use its services, Aspens is happy to be able to provide these easy-to-download resources to help those with additional needs to understand the Coronavirus situation, what it means and how we can all work together to cope with the everyday.

How the packs were created

A teenage client who uses our services approached one of our behaviour specialists because all the resources she could find about how to understand/cope with Covid-19 were geared towards younger children. Our specialist helped her to create a list of of all the resources she thought could help teenagers and pre-teens to navigate their way through Coronavirus and, after speaking to a lot more teens and pre-teens who use Aspens' services, these packs were created.

About the packs

The first pack we've created is for teenagers and, to make sure we got it right, Aspens' teen and pre-teen clients have proof-read it to give their official stamp of approval! We've tried to cover each area sensitively and with maturity - but equally with a teenager's sense of fun! 

The first pack is for teens but there are more in the pipeline - so check back in to see whether we've uploaded packs covering activity ideas, Coronavirus info, what to do if a parent gets sick and family/sibling relationships. We're also in the process of creating packs on education, physical health, mental health and, lastly, our eventual transition out of lockdown. 

Download your teen pack here

Just click here to access a PDF of the Aspens Teens in Lockdown pack

Suggested donation

Although these packs are free, we'd really appreciate a donation, if you can give one!

Please click here to make a suggested donation of £5 per pack. Thank you! 

We hope you enjoy the pack - and don't forget to log in again soon to see more uploaded!