Refer a Friend to Aspens Charities and get £250!

Would you recommend Aspens Charities as an employer? Do you feel rewarded and cherished by your team for the amazing work you do? Do you know someone who deserves exactly the same from their job?

"I love working with the guys I support and my friend was looking for a job that was more rewarding than his chef job at the time - so I recommended he give care a try. Now he has a great job that he actually enjoys and I spent my reward money on Christmas for the kids - I also bought my mate a takeaway and a drink as well, he earned it" - John D, East Sussex

Refer someone onto one of our vacancies and once they have completed their probation period - you'll have £250 added to your next payslip. All you need to do is share our current vacancies (see below) with a friend and make sure they mention you in their application form - it really is that simple.

"I referred my friend to work with Aspens after they were made redundant. They haven't cleared their probation yet but we have already made plans to get a big bottle of wine to celebrate when she is done. The best thing is, she never worked in care before but I knew she was a kind person so she just needed the training which Aspens provided" - Mary S, Kent